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Serving humanity to develop their highest potential through Automation technologies.

Industry 4.0 Applications & Solutions

Supply Chain Simplification tri tech robotics

Supply Chain Simplification

Data Accuracy tri tech robotics

Data Accuracy

Material Handling Efficiency tri tech robotics

Material Handling Efficiency

Labor Shortage Solutions tri tech robotics

Labor Shortage Solutions

robots automatization

Industrial Automation Cost Improvement

Machine Vision Quality Controls tri tech robotics

Machine Vision Quality Controls

Ecommerce Robotics Value Stream Solutions tri tech robotics

E-commerce Robotics Value Stream Solutions

Who We Are

Tri Tech Robotics is a company striving to deliver exceptional products and services, focusing on collaborating with our people, our country, and our region, always looking for better ways in which robots can make life easier for humanity.

We want to become an engine of change and innovation that can help Latin America to become a leading example of robotic research, development, and integration in our society with the main goal of improving our economy, giving our new generations new ways to develop, find their potential and create happiness in their path for learning and experience life.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Mission & Vision

Make your company more efficient and profitable!


Tri Tech Robotics’ goal is to transform our industry daily life in an environment that can be easy to run, track and keep business continuity, despite global supply interruptions, pandemic situation, or environmental disasters, helping humanity to ensure basic needs and protection of their assets and lifes.


To become the trusted & more reliable robotics lab and automation integrator in the logistics, retail & manufacturing industry for Latin America region.


Serving humanity to develop their highest potential through Automation technologies, making life easier and simple.

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What We Do?

tritech robotics integrator


Tri Tech is a Robotic Technology Integrator that designs, integrates, installs & supports intelligent automation solutions with a full variety of Autonomous Mobile Robots & Industrial Collaborative Robots solutions.

tritech robotics productivity


Tri Tech Robotics can help your business to improve productivity, accuracy and flexibility for retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers.

tritech robotics value suppport

Value & Support

Developing Value Creation R&D solutions for specific material handling, retail and Intra-logistic problems. Planning and consulting support for Long Term Life Cycle Robotic Automation Solutions.


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How can we support your business?

As a company with a team of more than 25 years of experience in logistics, manufacturing, retail & robotic projects with a continuous improvement and a focus on operational efficiency, we have the global knowledge to give innovative concepts and solutions for today’s problems, applying the best leading technology from our robotic partners in several areas such as industrial, logistics, retail, medical & field robots.

Are you interested in reducing costs and improving your revenue?

Automation Is What You Need!

The way to make your company more efficient and profitable.

We are a team of passionate professionals with vast experience in Robotics, Logistics & Production Management.

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Official System Partner Mobility Latin America

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Official System Partner Costa Rica