AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) have been moving things around on behalf of humans for over half a century. They’ve become a familiar fixture in factories, warehouses, and anywhere there’s a need for repetitive material delivery. Their effectiveness, however, is being challenged by a more technologically sophisticated approach.

Jaten Robotics

Guangdong Jaten Robot & Automation Co., Ltd, (hereinafter referred to as “Jaten”), founded in 2002, is one of the leading hi-tech enterprises specializing in robot and automation in China. Jaten is also a member of BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik). Jaten remains committed to developing, manufacturing, selling automated guided vehicles (AGV). We have successfully launched convenient, effective, and intelligent AGV for six generations with advanced technologies such as inertial navigation, laser navigation, magnetic navigation.

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AGVs Products

Jaten Robotics

AGV -CDD16-D930-LD02

AGV -CDD16-D930-LD02 is a type of Laser forklift AGV designed by Jaten, it uses a laser navigation technique, the localization is accurate. This AGV can lift 1600kg of material up to 3 meters high. This AGV is already applied at the automobile, electronics, and appliance industries.

Jaten Robotics


Inertial navigation, a trackless navigation technique developed by Jaten, is using a gyroscope and magnetic pin to locate accurately. It can transport 2.5t material IP53 protection design, able to work outdoors for all-weather condition Applied in automobile, appliance and electronics industries in large scale.

Jaten Robotics


A stacking-type AGV designed by Jaten is featured by magnetic navigation and two-way running direction. It can carry 500KG cargo with 3,500mm stacking height, to meet most cargo stacking needs. Two-way running direction requires less space when it makes a turn or turns around. It can be widely used in various storage conditions for boxes and cartons.
Jaten Robotics


AGV can deliver material to all directions (forward/backward, rotation and sidewalk), and lift up/down material at a specific height. It is commonly used in medium and large motor manufacturing and assembly line.

Jaten Robotics


One of the lurking type AGV which uses magnetic navigation technology. It can transport 500kg of material. It’s small and flexible and is suitable for various environments. This AGV is already applied in the automobile, electronics, and appliance industries. It wins the Reddot award in 2016 and is exhibited in Hannover Messe in 2017.

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