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Robotics Automation Software for Productivity

OSARO, a San Francisco-based company focused on AI for industrial automation. We’re building technology for the factories, warehouses, and logistics systems of the 21st century.

We were founded to build technology and products that make robots smarter. Not only do we lead our peers in practical revenue-generating applications, we also have released 2 products, have deployments on 4 continents, and have relationships with several major global automation suppliers and integrators.

As the currently brittle global supply chain is besieged by pandemics, fires, and climate change, e-commerce is exploding and so is the demand for our products. Our customers are investing in smart robotics automation to improve productivity now, to build operational resilience against future shocks, and to create a better and safer workplace for the 21st century.

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Intelligent Automation

OSARO software powers practical robotics automation solutions to the operational challenges faced by logistics and factory professionals. OSARO automatically adapts to moderate task variations, and this machine learning flexibility reliably delivers higher productivity and improved supply chain resilience.

The Power of AI and Machine Learning for Your Robots

OSARO brings together advanced machine learning for visual perception and powerful control software for object manipulation to ensure broad applicability and high performance. OSARO software also leverages flexible and scalable intelligence that adapts to customer-specific use cases.

Industrial Quality, Flexibility, and Integration

OSARO software suite provides configuration flexibility so customers can optimize feature options to cost-effectively meet specific automation requirements. Plus, it can be tightly integrated with every major industrial arm and gripper.

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