UVC Technologies

The leading providers of UV-C disinfection solutions

Established for over 14 years, UV Technology Global is the UK’s leading provider of UV-C equipment and solutions for the disinfection of air, surfaces, objects, and liquids.

Specializing in all aspects of UV-C disinfection, we provide a complete package of solutions to industry and businesses, large and small.

Our award-winning solutions are used worldwide, in a range of industries to provide safer and cleaner products and environments.

For all our bespoke disinfection solutions we work with specialist manufacturing and electronics partners in the UK, to ensure we achieve the highest quality standards.

UV Technology Global is also a specialist UV-C Value Added Partner (VAP) for Signify, the global leader in lighting.

uvc technologies

Standalone UV-C Disinfection Products


UV-C disinfection upper air ceiling mounted

Designed to be installed on false ceilings for the disinfection of air in a wide range of applications.


UV-C disinfection upper air wall mounted

Designed for the disinfection of air in a wide range of applications, with installation on walls.


360 degree in-line security tray decontamination system

In-line Security Tray Decontamination System, designed to automatically decontaminate airport security trays.


UV-C disinfection batten

A fixed installation of luminaires on the ceiling is used at controlled times to fill a room with disinfecting UV-C light.

Control System

UV-C disinfection control system

The Philips Dynalite UV-C control system is designed to enable the operation of UV-C solutions in a safer way.


UVT BagCab

The UVT BagCab enables simple, fast, and safe disinfection of clients’ luggage e.g. suitcases, rucksacks, etc..

Portable Device

UVT Light Sabre G

The UVT Light Sabre is a portable hand-held device designed for decontamination of surfaces and hard to reach areas


AirStream duct module

The UV Technology AirStream air disinfection unit has been developed for versatility in a range of applications.

Air and Surfaces

UV-C decontamination trolley

Tablet controlled mobile decontamination unit for disinfection of air and surfaces within rooms.

Other UV-C Decontamination Solutions


Air disinfection

Air disinfection

Air disinfection systems are deployed where there is a risk of contamination by airborne micro-organisms.


Packaging decontamination

Packaging decontamination

Contaminated packaging is one of the primary causes of the contamination of foodstuffs with bacteria and mould.


Trolleys and wheelchairs

Trolleys and wheelchairs

COVID-19 infections can be caused by contact with contaminated surfaces and then touching facial areas.
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