Industry 4.0 E-Kanban

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Industry 4.0 digital solutions are helping manufacturing facilities to reduce inventories with maximum material availability in the lines while improving customer service levels, reducing out of stocks, and increasing free cash flow to the companies.

A good example is the E-Kanban software IKS from Manufactus, a German Leader with more than 15 years of experience in Kanban Implementations and Software development of E-Kanban solutions, creating a real-time data system that can synchronize the Manufacturing Materials Signals throughout the whole value stream of the supply chain.

Industry 4 0 E Kanban futuris consulting


of the e-KANBAN System IKS

Web-based real-time system

All important Kanban information is available online and in real-time

Relief of the IT department

Low effort for the IT department for software implementation and maintenance


Easy to understand and 100% fair license model, ROI <6 Months.

E-Kanban Pilot Project

Use our IKS system in operation for a couple of months for a fixed price, inclusive all services

Easy connection of ALL ERP systems

High flexible interface to provide Kanban information for each ERP system on the market

Great price-performance-ratio

Professional and high quality E-Kanban solution for a fair price

Easy & fast E-Kanban implementation

Our IKS system can be implemented with a minimum of time and effort for your team

No risk and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Low-cost beginning and individual support
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